Strategic Plan Strategic Plan – 2023-2027 – MSPS
Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) 2024 – Annual Implementation Plan
 Annual Report to Community and Families 2022 – Annual Report to Community
 Child Safe Child Safe – Statement of Commitment to Child Safe.pdf
Child Safe Code of Conduct
Child Safety Policy
Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures
 Other Policies Administration of Medication Policy
Anaphylaxis Policy
Asthma Policy
Attendance Policy
Bullying and Harassment Prevention policy
Camps and Excursions Policy
Complaints and Grievances Resolution Policy
Communication of School Policies (2023 -2027)
2019 PFA Constitution
Curriculum and Reporting Framework Policy
Digital Learning and Technologies Policy
Dogs at Morang South Primary School Policy
Duty of Care Policy
eLearning Code of Cooperation
eLearning Student Code of Cooperation
First Aid (including arrangement for ill students) Policy
Health Care Needs Policy
Home Learning (Homework) Policy
Inclement Weather Policy
Incursion Policy
Mobile Phones Policy
NDIS Funded Therapy at School Policy
Personal Property Policy
Privacy Collection Notice
Parent Disputes Policy
Statement of Philosophy and Values
Student Engagement Wellbeing and Inclusion Policy
Student Uniform and Dress Code Policy
Sunsmart Policy
Visitors Policy
Volunteers Policy
Yard Duty and Supervision Policy
DET Policy Links Hire of Facilities Policy
  Head Lice Policy
  DET Schools’ Privacy Policy
  Parent Payment Policy
Personal Property/Medical Expenses
School Bus Hire – related policy Drug and Alcohol Management Policy