Hire of School Facilities – Community Information

Morang South Primary School has the following facilities available for both hire (for one-off or very short-term use) or licence (for regular, on-going use) to the community:

  • Paringa gymnasium, performing arts space and community centre
  • Killara gymnasium (with canteen space available at additional cost)
  • Inner fenced court-yard space
  • Indoor workshop space

Morang South Primary School’s school council will only consider applications for the hire or licence of the above facilities if the purpose is for educational, recreational, sporting or cultural activities for:

  • students
  • the local community; or
  • young persons,

and in circumstances where the facilities are not required for ordinary school purposes.

The process at Morang South Primary School for applying to hire or licence school facilities involves contacting the school office to discuss your needs, organisation of a tour of facilities and meeting with the Principal regarding the hire. A hire and licencing agreement will require you to and entering into a written agreement with the school council and attaining school council endorsement.

The agreement between you and the school council will require you:

  •  to have adequate public liability insurance (other insurance might be requested, depending on the use of the facilities);
  •  in most instances, to pay a hire or licence fee for the use of the facilities;
  •  in most instances, to pay a security deposit; and
  • to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in the agreement.

Please contact the school’s office on 03 9404 1548 to discuss your requirements or to obtain further information.

Further information in regard to the Department of Education and Training policy regarding schools’ Hire of Facilities can be located here.