Student voice, agency and leadership

When students have a strong sense of ownership in their school settings and in their learning they become invested in their educational journey and make strides to grow and succeed at school. At Morang South Primary School, we endeavour to find opportunities to give our students a voice in what happens at their school and in what they are learning.

Our student leadership roles provide students with the opportunity to show initiative, take responsibility for tasks around the school, build their confidence in public speaking and act as role models for their peers. Our student leaders fulfill their responsibilities with pride, showcasing excellent behaviour which is consistent with our school values.

Students at Morang South Primary School are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills throughout their primary school years, culmination in formal leadership positions in Year 6. These include School Captains, School Vice Captains, House Captains, Language Captains, Art Captains, Inquiry Captains, ICT Leaders, Student Photographer and Student Reporters, Junior School Council (JSC) and Student Voice. Selection is through a mixture of application, presentation, student votes and interview.

2023 Student Leaders

Congratulations to all of our 2023 Student Leaders.

2023 School Captains





2023 House Captains

Blue House –  Daniel and Jasmine
Yellow House – Jordan and Olivia
Red House – Tyler and Ruby
Green House – Thomas and Caitlin

Curriculum and Environmental Student Leaders

Specialist Captains – Isabella and Jake

Inquiry Captain – Riddhi

Environmental Leaders – Hayden, Leo and Bayden

Junior School Council (JSC) and Student Voice

JSC is made up of students from year 4 to year 6 (2 students from each Home Group) who have been elected by their peers to represent the interests of all students at Morang South Primary School. School Captain and Vice Captains are also members of the JSC. Throughout the year, Junior School Councillors are given responsibility and opportunities to develop their leadership skills through attending regular meetings, organising fundraising events and speaking at whole school assemblies.

Student Voice is made up of students from grade 5 and grade 6 who have expressed an interest in offering their ideas and suggestions around areas for improvement at the school. School Captain and Vice Captains are also members of Student Voice. During the year, the Student Voice team work with a lead teacher to consider areas for development in school programs, resources, facilities.

Congratulations to all of our JSC representatives and Student Voice representatives for 2023.

Junior School Council (JSC) 2023

Cillian, Zara, Thomas, Jasmine, Daniel. Evelyn, christian, Adina, Seth, Stephanie, Oscar, Emma, Hunter, Madison, Liam, Sananda

Student Voice 2023

Caitlin, Adele, Taj, Bonnie, Olivia, Habiba, Shazil, Jigyasa