Out and About

Morang South Primary School values providing opportunities for our students to engage with the wider community, including experiences such as excursions and camps. Through our various sports programs, our students also have the opportunity to compete in a variety of sporting endeavours both within the school as well as competing against other schools within the local area.

Camping program

The purpose of our staged, camping program is to offer students the opportunity to develop independence in a safe environment, to form relationships with their peers, and to engage in a variety of interesting and challenging experiences.

Prep: The Big Breakfast – Students come to school early and have breakfast with their peers and teachers.

Grade 1: Extended Day – Students come back to school in the late afternoon and stay until the evening. They have dinner and participate in a range of activities. They experience being at school when it is dark.

Grade 2: The Sleepover – Students return to school in the evening. They participate in a range of activities including a ‘Talent Show’. They sleep with their peers in sleeping bags in the gym and stay for breakfast.

Grade 3 and 4: Adventure Camp – Students experience a two night camp in either a beach or bush setting (these are alternated). They participate in a range of interesting and challenging adventure activities.

Grade 5 and 6: Adventure Camp – Students participate in a camp that is a minimum of two nights in length. Camps are chosen for their capacity to offer activities of particular interest to students of this age such as ‘surfing’.


Every student loves to get out of the classroom and explore their world. Great school excursions take planning and effort but the rewards can be huge for both students and teachers and often are something students will remember for a long time. At Morang South excursions are well planned and organised to complement our curriculum and learning programs. They may be an introduction to a topic, to stimulate interest or serve as a conclusion to deepen student knowledge and understandings.

Swimming and Sports

All children are encouraged to take part in athletics and tabloid sports days dressed in their House colours. In years 3 to 6, the students take part in an annual swimming carnival and have the opportunity to compete in a cross country event. Towards the end of September, a footy day is also held. Students can support their team in a parade and hone their footy skills in a sports session.


Students from Grade Prep to Grade 4, are offered the opportunity to participate in a term of swimming lessons throughout the year. Students develop water confidence and swimming skills with qualified Swimming Instructors in a safe environment.

Swimming Sports

Students in Grades 3 to 6 participate in an annual Swimming Carnival. Following this event, a Swimming Team is selected to represent Morang South Primary School in competition with schools in the local area. Students also have the opportunity to participate in ‘Zone’ and ‘Regional’ events.

Cross Country

Students in Grades 3 – 6 participate in a school based Cross Country event. A team is chosen to represent our school from this event.


Students in Grades 3 – 6 participate in a school based Athletics Carnival. A team is chosen to represent our school from this event. Successful students may continue on to ‘Zone’ and ‘Regional’ events.

Interschool Sports Competitions

Students in Grades 5 and 6 are given the opportunity to compete against other schools in the district during Interschool Sports. The sports that are offered are Boy’s Football and Girl’s Netball. Teams play over seven week rounds and engage in training sessions each week.


Students in Grade 3 and 4 have the opportunity to participate in a Hooptime basketball competition. Students who express interest in representing our school go through a selection process and a training program before participating in this one day event. If the teams are successful, they have the opportunity to participate in regional finals.