The Arts

Learning through the Arts allows students to communicate what they think, see and are a vehicle for exploring  and confronting new ideas. Through learning in the Arts, students prepare for their roles in a world that depends on innovative ideas, creative use of technologies and the development of new, blended ideas and work.  All MSPS Arts classes are held in the Art Room, situated right in the middle of the school. The Arts program also provides some opportunities for students to attend extra curricular activities throughout the year.

Throughout the year, students study Visual Arts, including 2D and 3D work (such as drawing, painting, modelling, construction, textiles and printmaking), from time to time integrating Media Arts. Students explore the motivations behind making artwork, methods used and the materials incorporated. They develop and refine art-based skills and reflect on their learning. Students also have opportunities to work individually and collaboratively, using the creative process to explore artistic practices.

Alongside the Visual program, students also participate in Performing Arts, including music, drama and dance activities which broaden their Arts experiences and promote confidence, questioning and self-expression.

Our biannual school concert (on even years) provides excellent dance tuition through the Footsteps dance program and stage/performance experiences for the entire school, culminating with a performance held at Plenty Valley Arts and Convention Centre.