Celebrating Learning

At Morang South we LOVE celebrating learning with special events and days! Whether we dress-up, get together, share what we have learnt or get creative, celebrating learning is all about our learning community having a whole heap of fun!

100 Days of School

Our Foundation students enjoy celebrating this special day! The children get involved in a whole lot of festivities to celebrate completing their first 100 days of school.

Education Week

During Term Two, Education Week is celebrated with a range of activities such as an open morning for family members come and visit our classrooms, special incursions and a multi-age day of fun activities. An evening program, where families can come along and share a learning experience, is frequently offered also.

Book Week

Each year we celebrate Book Week to coincide with the Book Council awards. The children enjoy experiencing the tales within the nominated books and being immersed in the world of literature. Throughout Book Week, the students enjoy an activities day, a book character parade and are involved in producing their own story book.

Sports Gala Days

Did you know that students’ participation in active sports can affect their learning in the classroom? That’s why at Morang South we ensure we have sporting events happening throughout the year, where students participate in sports clinics as well as whole school events. Students in Grades 5 and 6 are provided the opportunity to participate in a range of sports including Netball, T-ball and Football in which they compete against local schools during a Gala Day. Students engage in a team environment which assists in building and extending friendships.

School Concerts

School concerts and presentations are a part of our Performing Arts program. Every second year students are involved in performing a major whole school production held at Plenty Ranges Theatre. Students are also involved in hosting and performing at assemblies and taking part in our annual Christmas Carols Night.

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is a celebration of our school’s cultural diversity. It is an opportunity for us to promote the message that everyone belongs and that diversity is valued. At Morang South, we celebrate Harmony Day with multi-aged groups participating in cultural activities which promote understanding and are also heaps of fun! Our students dress in traditional outfits reflecting cultural background, or participate by wearing orange, the official colour of Harmony Week.