MSPS Canteen

The Price list /Canteen Menu* can be viewed HERE (2019 Menu)

Our canteen operates 5 days a week! WE NOW HAVE AN ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM!!!

Click the image below for more details or visit


A price list and menu is sent home at the start of each term and price increases will be notified in the newsletter.


Orders can still be written on paper lunch bags with the correct money folded inside must be placed in the lunch order tub in the classroom by 9.10am daily.  Lunches are delivered to rooms by 12.50pm.


Over the counter sales occur at lunchtime to students for the sale of sundry items.


*The Canteen Menu may appear quite small on your device while using our school app.

SUGGESTION: Close our app, OPEN our school website in an Internet Browser (e.g Safari or IE) and CLICK on the link for our CANTEEN.