Lockdown Learning – Term 1 Week 4, 2021

Below are some suggested activities for students to complete during the lockdown period, Monday 15th to Wednesday 17th of February, 2021.  Students should complete a manageable number of these to enable continuity of learning from home over these 3 days. We recognise that each family will have differing circumstances.

Students can return completed work to their teacher on return to school. The work is presented in learning grids from which students may select activities to complete.

Year 3 to Year 6 have also been provided with Home Reading as well as Weekly Homework which can be completed during this time.

Prep-Week-4-Learning Grid

Year 1/2-Week-4-Learning Grid

Year 3/4-Week-4-Learning Grid

Year 5/6-Week-4-Learning Grid

PE Activities Grid