Winner of the BEST SMASH MOVIE AWARD: An outstanding Stop Motion Animation Movie - 2013 Arts Project- Olivia, Eeman, Maddy, Flora Scroll down to see winner of the BEST SMASH MOVIE!


School Values Award: For consistently demonstrating our School Values when completing the 2013 Arts Project - Grace, Jack, Lachlan and Omar


Best Introduction Award: For including emotive music and graphic designs- Simon, Shaun and Shayden


Visual Arts Award: For the creativity displayed in the 2013 Arts Project with the Visual Arts elements of the diorama & Gimp media designs.

*Jessica, Cara and Chelsea
*Caitlin, Hayley and Grace


ICT Award: For demonstrating exceptional ICT skills when creating and editing the stop motion animation 2013 Arts Project- Isabelle, Ishka, Lauren and Cheyenne


Writers Award: For demonstrating creativity and originality when producing the script for the 2013 Arts Project -Hayley, Charlotte and Stephanie


Animation Award: For demonstrating exceptional stop motion animation skills in the 2013 Arts Project- Angus, Matt, Moheb and Jed


Comedy Award: For demonstrating a talent in comedic flair in the 2013 Arts Project- Levi, Josh and Nathan









Our school Facebook group acknowledged the success of the night and the work completed:

Just like all award nights (the 'Oscars' or 'Logies', etc) students dressed to impress and walked the red carpet...